Christmas To Do List…

It is that time of the year again. Five weeks to Christmas, Christmas carols have flooded the stores, the décor displayed prominently. Soon the Santas will be perched on their podiums ready to spread some cheer. Against your will, you have found yourself humming to the catchy Christmas carols…

Since Christmas is SO MUCH more than just materials things, here is some advice tailor made to prioritise what Christmas is REALLY all about…

Be present :
Contemplating not going home for Christmas?  Fed up of Uncle Harry’s over exuberant hugs and Aunt Mary’s sugary eggnog? Yes, you may have had too many noisy Christmases in your life and family can at Christmas difficult on the nerves but consider being present.  Who knows what the future entails? It is after all, the “silly season”, have fun and celebrate the moments. That family you may be avoiding made considerable sacrifices to ensure to ensure you had a memorable childhood.  

Wrap someone in a hug :
Make your endorphins day, reach out, wrap someone in a hug,  savour the comfort.

Send peace :
Everyone somewhere, somehow is battling some hidden anxiety. Be kind.  Offer silence and a helping hand. Greet and wish them well, draw them into your circle and when you release let, do so with serenity and kindness. Send peace.

Donate food :
A plate of food is a blessing, There are many in need, those that barely battle  to sustain the day with a cup of soup.  Share or donate a plate of food and make a difference.

Be the light.
Don’t have the funds to donate? Gather a group of friends and family and collectively arrange meals or treats for orphaned children  In their world of darkness, you will their light.

For whatever it is worth, with whatever little you have, endeavour to make a difference, no matter how small. Every attempt in the scheme of things adds up and it will make a world of difference. Celebrate the moments, revel in the excitement and joys that the season brings.

Image : Pinterest_Siemens

44 thoughts on “Christmas To Do List…

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  2. I also love the graphic and of course, it’s on point. It’s the simple things that mean so much and sadly over time, how scarce these simple things become but having a reminder is great, so thank you Kavitha

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    • We work so hard all the time. We love our family all the time. So it is only fitting that we spend time together. If only everyone realized this, behaved and focused on each other, more so, the babies, it is their time now for memories for what is guaranteed anymore? We must just value and cherish what we have. I KNOW you are going to be celebrating the joy that is Kayden, despite missing our precious people.

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