14 Signs your employer does not care…

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Begun to feel that work is nothing but  a daily grind ? No teamwork and support from management? Perhaps it is time to update that resume and pound the pavements in search of a new working environment.  Considering that you spend the majority of our time at work and if you are under-appreciated, over-worked and underpaid, it may be the time to other explore avenues.  To help you decide if the writing is on the wall, here are 14 signs to identify whether your employer cares about you :

1. Lack of constructive feedback :
Daily tasks intended for output yet management does not offer any constructive feedback. Hit a professional plateau and boredom and routine sets in and no chance of improvement or advancement is in sight? No praise, appreciation (a simple “thank you”) and feedback received only when you have erred, then the end is definitely in sight.

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2. Lack of financial appreciation :
Asked for a raise and been declined? The usual excuses, no income, poor economy etc, Worse still, when your colleagues are earning more than you, and you know it,  not due to a confidentiality breach but maybe at a social event when the drinks are flowing…Check with Payscale, know your worth. Lack of company perks is worrying…and we are not talking about the coffee or the brown sugar allotments.  If an employer is constantly pleading poverty, yet make targets and profits, and you are still paid way below market value, then that is a sure sign that you  are not valued. Basically, you are a replaceable cog in the wheel.

3. Passed over for that deserving promotion :
Told that you are within sight of a promotion? Anticipated it and brushed up and even studied skills at your own expense and you are passed over for someone less deserving or less skillful. Management obviously does not see you as an asset worth investing in.

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4. Lack of trust :
Left five minutes early as compared to the daily longer hours? Management tracking your whereabouts via your company mobile? Lack of trust is what it is. Feel like a sniper is out to get you? Intimidation tactics clearly indicate that you are irrelevant, and just a means to an end.

5. No Project related closure :
Nothing worse than working diligently and putting in longer hours, met the deadlines and not informed of the outcome?

6. Employer : Too much honesty
Sadly some managers are not skilled with tact. Telling an employee that they are dispensable or a “cancer” is a direct attack on your well-being. Management has the mentality that “you’re lucky to have this job.”



Source : stephenliddel.co.uk_bad-bosses

7. Employee : Too much honesty
Honest trees are always cut first. Your feedback may be sourced but found wanting. That telltale purple expression on your employer’s face is a definite giveaway!

8. Another job offer?
Found another job? Offer may or may not be exactly what you want. Take it to the boardroom table and your company will not endeavour to reach a mutually beneficial situation? Consider that offer,  a change is as good as a feast.

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9. Overwork synonymous with the extra mile?
Starting work earlier, working through lunch times and after the normal working hours could mean that you are overworked and lack the necessary resources to able to effectively execute our responsibilities.  Feel like your job has consumed you and you are closer to burn out?  No sooner did you complete a deadline or are almost complete, something more important, more pressing surfaces. Enter late hours and disruption of family time.  Yes, teamwork is important but if it becomes a pattern,  without recognition, it could mean that your employer does not respect you.


10. Bullying, humiliation and undermining
If management or a management representative does not respect you, offer you common courtesy, uses bullying tactics and undermines your efforts or worse uses your ideas to promote themselves, this will seriously affect you.  This abuse creeps into other aspects of life. If management turns a deaf ear and asks you to “deal with it” and that “open door policy” is just window dressing, get out, if you can.

11. Ambience
The office ambience reveals much about the company culture. Toxicity, chilling atmosphere, employees being pitted against each other, sadness, low morale, a constant “watching over your shoulder”, tense atmosphere makes for an unhealthy corporate framework.  Remember that happy people are productive people. If a company cares, they will make the effort to retain and maintain productive staff members.

12. Men receive far more advantages than women?
A red flag, if they care for you and your output, gender bias should be out of the question.


13. Lack of mentorship :
Any manager worth his salt will ensure that employees are mentored, this way, you are assured of advice, resources and assistance.,

14. The dreaded performance review :
That angst ridden review that was postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, moved again and again with the dangling carrot mentality is finally here, again. Airconditioning turned to almost freezing, memorised conversation is repeated and horrors of horrors, you are asked to rate yourself?!  Paper is more of records or as a means to an end, meaningful conversation if absent.  You’ve already been advised not to exceed the allotted review time, feedback is missing. Your valiant efforts have fallen on deaf ears. Worse when those pesky forms you completed may be used against you or held against you.


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Let’s face it, work is important and not just for monetary value.  However, should you be in an unsatisfactory environment, reconsider, choose well and you could be living the life of your dreams, healthier, happier, financially blessed that commensurate with not just your experience but with your skills and worth.


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That downward spiral you are in now, use it as a step ladder to action and improvement.  Yes, seeking green pastures may seem more intimidating, more of a “greener manure  growth” out there but honed personal radar and experience will stand you in greater stead.  No point in settling for “the devil you know than the devil you don’t”.    If you have settled, then make sure it is for reasons that suit you.  It is important to know where you stand workwise, make it work for you or seriously consider working elsewhere.

For inspiration, look to  Ramit Seti.  Another great lady is  Ruth Soukop  who talks about progress and “doing it scared”, but doing it anyway and successfully too.


78 thoughts on “14 Signs your employer does not care…

  1. A well-written and thoughtful article. I also think that middle management mirrors the culture of the hierarchy. They are individuals under stress and not coping well themselves with the pressure, which is then applied to those working beneath them. I also have known decent human beings as bosses but being told “business as usual” is one of my pet hates!

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  2. Kavita, that is such a great post. OMG. Every single point is so well written and well said. Indeed it all over the world. I always say mostly it’s our own fault as we don’t say something. I see a lot of people are so afraid of speaking up for their rights. You nailed it. Stay blessed.

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      • The residual income I am referring to is not earned with an investment with a broker. The residual income I am referring to comes by working for a company that pays it’s workers with a share of the profits and revenue for their whole life. The residual income I prefer can be passed on to your family for generations and continue to grow for ever. If you work for a company for a share of the profits and revenue instead of a low hourly wage it can be a lot better than trying to invest money for a small return on your investment. I am glad you have found a good broker but here in America the brokers make more money from our money than the people who invest the money with them. You most have a lot better brokers there because here they end up losing more of peoples money then they will ever make for the investors.
        Have a super wonderful day.

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      • What I am referring to is becoming your own employer and working as a brand representative for a company as a freelancer. Money is a confusing subject for most people here in America and I’m sure everywhere. Working for a wage is the normal way for most people here in America and that is why we have so many people living in poverty that hate the work they do. Working for a share of the profits and revenue is becoming more popular and can be done anywhere in the world these days. The internet is global so working on the internet is global. There are no borders here on the internet. It does take an open mind to grasp how the world is now all connected by the internet, including the ability to build a life time income here on the internet. Have a great day and thanks for the conversation.

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  3. The reasons listed are signs that perhaps one needs to move on to grow in an organization that will value your productivity and no stalking with absolutely no room for toxic manipulation or humiliation. I’ve seen it quite closely on what didn’t work! Yes. organizations should always make effort to give a loyal employee a raise. It does matter!

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  4. “The first important customer you have is your employee”. Zig Ziegler. As an employee, I felt that is was my job was to make sure that I fulfilled my boss’ desire. Looking deep seemed to be the most difficult part of the job. No need to look for a reason, just become a part of the mission. Good thoughts and perceptions.

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  5. Oh my gosh….this post has echoed my sentiments and it came to a point in my life where I had to set limits…enough was enough – I tried to make it work but for too long at the expense of my wellbeing and that of my family’s as well. Was it worth it? No, in the end, we are nothing but another number. I valued myself more and for my sanity resigned. I don’t miss the environment and I’m in a happy place. Excellent how you’ve communicated these signs and when we begin feeling them, we should not ignore them…sooner than later.

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      • With due respect to you, it’s actually the other way round. Those who have jobs tend to take it for granted and those who don’t, are definitely excited about work. Generalizing is giving control away to the larger group. And it doesn’t work that way because each one of us is responsible for the choices we make and the situations we are in. That’s what is laudable in Kavitha’s article. She puts it so correctly by placing onus on the reader to choose their work situation.

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      • Maybe you are right maybe I’m right as it’s the vicious circle we are talking about. We cannot deny the “formula” of taken for granted… There are groups per say…
        Group A and Group B, both interchange their place in the above mentioned situation as per their moods and needs… but anyways,
        The only fact of life lies here:
        As you sow, so shall you reap.😊


  6. The more I read you, Kavitha, the more I am impressed. Yet another well crafted article from you..
    1. Hits the bullseye without beating around the bush
    2. Is direct and honest, with all the right priorities in the right places
    3. Lists out perfect reasons for calling it quits without calling it demeaning quitting failing routine.

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    • Thank you Avyukta,
      Unfortunately most people do not like direct/honest or feedback (employers included). Which is why the workplace can be demoralizing and stressful. So if the writing is on the wall, the paths should be obvious… Unfortunately due to the drought of work prospects, it may be necessary to develop a thicker skin (or hide :)) or just find ways to make it work for you. Until something better comes along.

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      • Yes, Kavitha – but thick skin cannot include loss of self respect. I believe one can earn a living with the very basic of things as well – like cooking a pot of food and/or in the service industry. The problem with unemployment comes when people associate good/bad with the nature of work and try to limit themselves of options. And then, the corporate world has trapped everyone in this ‘myth’ that there can be no gap in one’s resume, etc., and the list like this goes endlessly on and on. Same goes with every other industry.

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      • I agree that talents and hobbies can a accomplish financial feats. However, i believe in Eleanor Roosevelt’s words that “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. It all reflects poorly on the abuser.
        There is the matter of Karma too.


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