Frivolous Friday

Its Friday!
Feel Good Friday…

Not sure what your weekend holds?
Family times, road tripping, hiking or maybe some rest and relaxation with the furry friends?

This week has seen some cooler weather but as you see, our weekend weather promises Sunshine!


Since, my week was hectic, crazy hectic, its now time to take a breather, splash about a tad in the sunshine and remind ourselves that we are too blessed to be stressed.
Enjoy and stay blessed.


43 thoughts on “Frivolous Friday

    • Hello my friend, Leo is back to being my confident little lion cat. Right now, he is off on his travels and I expect him home for a late supper. Pumpkin Patch sounds like a great idea and I am sure that the kids had fun. Im looking forward to the pictures. See you on the other side!


  1. I love to go to our Riverwalk but, alas, it is flooded…again. Florence got it a few weeks ago. Michael got it, yesterday. Atlantic hurricanes…OY. I’m so sorry for those in the devastated areas. It is just mindblowing.
    And, after Michael’s visit, the temperature dropped…60s & 70s. That, I like.
    Enjoy the dolphins!


  2. “Too blessed to be stressed”, I love that. Sadly it’s cold, very windy and incredibly rainy here in the UK at the moment, but I still hope to enjoy snuggling at home and getting some rest. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, a good breather where you can enjoy your time and a little sunshine 🙂
    Caz xx

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    • Hi Caz, my best friend is in the UK. She tells me about her weather, she’s misses our South African weather here. Just a bit drizzle here but our sun is never elusive, so we expect him soon. Enjoy your snuggle up, I’ve doing doing some of that as well yesterday. I send warm regards , Kavita in Sunshiny SA.

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