When pot pans out…

When pot pans out…

Marijuana, aka, pot, dagga, grass and weed,  users across South Africa are  victorious as South Africa’s Constitutional Court has since the 18th of September 2018, officially legalised marijuana  for use in a private capacity.   Marijuana was given the green light for “personal use”.  That is as far as it goes though.

What we cannot do : No dealing, no selling OR smoking outside of our homes.

What we can do : Grow it, use it, cultivate on our property.

What Government has yet to do :  Work the clauses into the legal system, investigate the potential for sin taxes and rethink how users can buy dagga. More worrying though, how to handle the people already arrested for possession of dagga?

Concerns : Like drunken driving, surely this will lead to intoxication?  A breathalyser is not going to cut it…. And dagga remains in the body for hours to days , which means that the person is not necessarily intoxicated.
Allowed to grow it but how to get the seeds? One would have to buy it? Which would meaning selling it? That’s illegal. So yes, questions are many and for sure, there are many grey areas that need to be investigated and ironed out.

As a little girl, I always heard that marijuana is BAD.  I have since learned that this humble healing herb is advantageous in that it can alleviate and ease in the following :
1.  Anxiety
2.  Alzheimers Disease
3.  Arthritis
4.  Multiple sclerosis
5.  Parkinson Disease.

There are drawbacks such as :
1.  Marijuana is addictive
2.  May impair memory
3.  May cause anxiety and paranoia

South Africa has joined the ranks of Uruguay who in 2013 became the first country in the world to legalise, distribute and consume marijuana. Chile followed in 2015, Columbia in 2013 and Mexico, Argentina and Peru followed in 2017 by legalising for medicinal uses. Coffee lovers scored when marijuana was used and sold in the Netherlands and Amsterdam in 1976.

So???? Have you tried it? Will  you try? What do you think?
Do tell, we are all ears!

Additional reading :

94755258 - the man twists the canth from fresh marijuana

Image from timeslive.co.za – the man twists the canth from fresh marijuana



43 thoughts on “When pot pans out…

  1. I don’t know if that’s good or not.
    Few months back one of my friend smoked weed & she started vomiting ,she felt like she’s dreaming & experienced severe headache even though she did try it before.

    I’ve never tried it though.

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    • She obviously had too much or her system is not strong enough to cope with it. As with all things, moderation is the key in life.
      Hmmm, it was on my list of things to do. My husband very kindly brought us two and prepare it for us. I wouldn’t do it again because I have no use for it medically but I am glad that I tried it. It certainly gave me waves of energy which is a source of amusement at home as my husband napped whilst I cleaned the kitchen for three hours. Spotless, sparkling kitchen, it was a worthy high!

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  2. Also, as far as I’ve read in medical journals, the “addictive” nature of cannabis (if any actually exists) is far less than other “drugs.” It’s more of a habit-forming, physical dependency and is severely lessened with smaller doses of THC in the plant.

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  3. Marijuana is legal in four or five U.S. states, most notably Colorado, which was the first. Colorado has retail pot shops that sell a variety of products ranging from pain relief cremes to marijuana gummie bears. As far as I know there have not been any serious negative consequences and since it is taxed pretty heavily in most of the states where it is legal it has been a source of revenue for the states.

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  4. I’ve tried it the first time in Cambodia as a pizza topping, they call it happy pizza. I didn’t feel any effect on me. The second time, I tried smoking it in Georgia but still to no effect. I don’t smoke but well, I was curious. It just left my throat like burning!

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  5. It is an interesting substance. The active ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol, is being looked at by pharma companies to put into pill form, where people can get measured doses. That might help alleviate some of the negative side effects people can get from smoking it (like COPD or gastrointestinal issues) I have never tried it but have taken care of people who have used too much and were suffering from severe, persistant nausea and vomiting. I think it definitely has potential for medicinal use and if it helps people alleviate anxiety or depression, that is a positive thing.

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    • Very interesting. I’ve seen an overdosed person, not pleasant. Some people do not know dosages or limits. Ive also seen it used as a healing herb and what a wonderful thing it was too, the peace and ease it brought. I believe God has given us help for diseases, we just need to find what for which. 💞


  6. Our courts have hundreds of thousands of files of violent crimes committed by pot smokers. When people lose their inhibitions, they may become dangerous. Bad driving could only become worse.

    Medicinal value doesn’t include smoking it, though. Nothing in nature was ever intended to be inhaled, except fresh air. Nicotine may be legal but its addiction is the worst, with withdrawal symptoms that may last 20 years.

    As for pot, my own grandma was ‘n Boeretannie who knew her herbs and picked buchu and wilde-als, among others, in the wild. Dagga was bought at five shillings at the Police Station and brewed as a tea to cure cancer and other ailments.

    I understand Spar is already selling a dagga drink……


      • Politicians should have studied court records. My late uncle was a senior magistrate, he made a study but took his research to the grave with him. Dagga doesn’t cause the crime but desensitize inhibitions, then it is so much easier to do wrong. And it does impair judgment like any other drug, incl alcohol.

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