Music unity, A Rocking World Tour

A Rocking World Tour 

The world is diverse and so is its music and this is exactly what A Rocking World Tour showcased at the local Sibaya Theatre And Casino in Umhlanga.

It was a prelude to our Heritage Day and I was sorely in need of some soulful healing. I  let my  guard down, threw away the mundane day to day routine of life and got to see how the world loves its music through its diversity, flavours, costumes, rhythm and beat. It was all that the show promoters promised and more.  

How could we not be enthralled when they pulled out all the stops and traversed through five continents with ease, confidence and humour? The musicians, singers and dancers were incredibly talented and delivered wholeheartedly and did credit to every country they visited. I knew that Bollywood was to be showcased and they sang “Jai Ho” surprisingly well, the Indian costumes were colourful and blingy, typically Bollywood. They won me over at the very beginning.

Ed Sheeran’s, “Thinking out Loud” had me overcome in tears and his “Shape of You” brought me gently back to myself.  From Africa’s PJ’s Powers, “Jabulani”  to Down Under’s Kylie Minogue, the costumes, dances and energy united cultures, all united in our love for music. Michael Jackson’s “Bad” was a “Thriller”, the illuminated white suits effective against the starry backdrop.

We jived to Bob Marley’s words, “Don’t worry about a thing, Cause everything little thing gonna be alright”. Guess what? It was.  Young and old all blended as one, the kids, our future, ran up to the stage and danced right along with seasoned performers. It was a afternoon of celebration of music, heritage and blossoming spirits, as was evident on the children’s faces.

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