Happy Spring Day!

September 1st!
Happy Spring Day!
My Favoured Day of the year.
My Favourite Season and the birth of my Special Person.

Despite loving our winsome winter, lets face it, it qualifies as winsome because it is not overly cold, snow falls only in certain areas, the starkness Is beautiful and we almost  always have sunshine.

Spring Day is anticipated here despite some pollen and the occasional bout of hayfever.  Its a time for special luncheons and garden picnics. Lucky recipients receives flowers and ladies look forward to splashing out on a new dress to welcome the season.  Any excuse to shop right? Right!

Wherever you are, whatever your season, may our Spring bring you a measure of joy and anticipation.

Images courtesy of pinterest.

37 thoughts on “Happy Spring Day!

  1. Happy Spring! Here we can just feel a hint of autumn coming in the mornings. It won’t be long before our days will be short and the coats, hats and gloves come out for another 5 months or so.

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  2. Happy Spring Day.😊 In Montana the weather is cooling down for Fall. But the flowers are still in bloom and beautiful. We will enjoy them while we can.😊 Enjoy your Spring Season🌸🌻🌼

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  3. It’s coming up on fall for me, of course. And technically the season doesn’t change (for either of us) until September 22-23 (depending on the year). And, even more tangibly, where I live (inland northern California), we don’t really get much fall weather. Here, it feels like summer (which is hot and dry) until right around November 1, and then within a week it turns as cold and wet as it’ll ever get for the winter. I think September and October are my favorite months of weather, because it’s still hot enough to feel like summer and do stuff outside, but it’s not blisteringly blazing like July can be at times.

    But I’ve also come to realize that I just like the changing of the seasons in general. I don’t know that I have an overall favorite season. It’s been hot for a few months, it’ll be nice to be cool for a while. And by April, I get to feeling like it’s been cold for a few months and it’ll be nice to be hot again.

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    • Northern California sounds good. I’m happy with hot but not dry. Ive read about your winters. We are blessed with sunshine and beautiful beaches and Spring here is much anticipated. Summer can be really hot so Spring gets us doing really fantastic things.🌼🌻🌸


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