Behold, this beauteous sight…

An Ode to the Maluti Mountains.

Yonder dancing cotton puff clouds flirts on an azure canvas.
Coniferous trees stand sentinel before ancient chiseled plateaus,
Golden sunshine caresses his pate.
Her rays, radiant over rolling greens and incised vales.
A meandering stream trips over itself,
Gurgling, bubbling over in excitement,
Lover-like… to meet the river that runs through.
Tufts of sturdy green juts out amid rocks aplenty,
None so easy to traverse to the mountain.
Aye, they guard their own well.
Nay, not stray to commercialism.
Regally royal to remain.
Winking pebbles nestles in clear water.
Firm friends, is the water that laps against the boulders.
They mind not the erosion.
Nor the translucent fish to nibble against their lichen skin.
Synergetic symbiosis harmonized.
Behold, this beauteous sight.
Majestic Mountainous Maluti.
Would that I were there this second,
Away from the corporate humming machinations.
Would that I could but bask in that grandeur…

Kavita Ramlal, August 2018

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