Sea weeps…

The sea weeps bitterly…
Her flailing lungs gasping.
Her children hungry.
Marauding sharks nipping at the floating fish.
Dolphins nosing aside a tide of plastic.
No smack of jellyfish is that.
Food no.
Oxygen barely.
Wide eyed with terror,
Panic sets in.
Her seal pups swims frantically away.
Succour not.
Humans ahead.
Damned either way.
Back home, she labours to waddle
Gasping done.
Human hands to hold.
Learned minds to decipher:
Plastic overload,
Digestive system impaired,
Death ahead.
The midst of the end.
She rails as if in a storm.
Bellows against the plastic tide.
She sobs, shudders fatigued.
Azure seas blackened.
Hope haunted.
Life lost.
Cargo ships, cruise liners,
Humans, friends no more.

50 thoughts on “Sea weeps…

  1. Very sad. There is at least one company, I can’t remember which one, that is trying to do something about this by cleaning up the ocean plastic and recycling it. I saw the report on a video called “Prosperity”. They were talking about how companies can use the good they are doing in the world as selling points for their products and that we, as consumers, can be aware of those companies and help out by buying their products instead of some other company’s products. It really could work if we as consumers do our part.

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  2. A good post to highlight a very big issue. If we all do our bit and put rubbish in a bin, this would not happen. Sadly, I see people drop their litter and there can be a bin just a few steps away. There are people that don’t seem to care. It makes me sad.

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      • I have seen stuff tossed from a moving car too and I can’t help but curse under my breath. Why can’t they stop being lazy, idiots or whatever and they just take it home.

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      • I can’t understand that mentality. I have a bin bag in my car.
        Here in SA, due to the lack of education and subsequent unemployment in some sectors, people actually wait at robots or crossroads to volunteer to accept waste… For a small fee.

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      • I can’t understand it either. I have always took my rubbish home, or put in a nearby bin when either out and about in someone’s car, travelling on a coach, or walking about. I would never consider dropping the rubbish. I never did this as a kid either.

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  3. The human race is the most selfish race on earth! We don’t realize that by harming our environment we are harming ourselves and making life difficult for the coming generations. It’s even surprising to learn that when you stop someone or ask someone to not use plastics, he or she will tell you that others are using. We don’t understand that someone has to take a step.
    I hope the message goes through!

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  4. This is so hard to see Kavita, but necessary to see the truth. As individuals we can all help the situation by avoiding over-use of plastic, and if we do use it, at least to make responsible choices about how we dispose of it. And I love your poem: those words really hit home.

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    • Terribly upsetting but necessary we both agree. I’ve been meaning to post on this. When I read about your gizmo find, I had to make a stand with you. Thank you for the support especially on this Women’s Day. A happy day to you too.

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  5. A very haunting piece. It really is so saddening the state that we have let things become. I learned recently that most of the plastic comes from Asia – primarily China, which is where a large majority of the world’s goods are produced! The problem goes so deep that it almost seems insurmountable. But seeing as your can only change your little corner of the world, we have to start there. If you see litter always pick it up and dispose of it properly and try your best to reduce and avoid plastics! My post on plastic here – talks a lot about the impact of plastic and how we are starting to take steps to stop it! Thanks again for reading and it really is a beautifully written piece ❤️

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    • Thank you for the your warm words Jessica. My heart goes cold when I think of the future of the birds, fish and our environment. It is as you say, we must ALL make a concerted effort to reduce our footprint in this world. Will read your post. I send kind regards, Kavita, Sunshiny SA

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