Praise goes a long way…

What is about people, that they are so stingy with praise???

I have been thinking of the office set up. To be honest, I used to think and feel so overwhelmed by it.  Yes, we have all types of people in this world. Just got to live with and make the best of it. SO, I adjusted the mindset, changed the goalposts (rather than have someone else do it for me) and hooray, success. I have managed to leave work at the office and look forward to evenings with the family.  

There is a funny thing that our local Indians say here and I cringe mentally at it, but I shall share it with you, “what to do, when you not well to do?!”  
That make you smile? You know the feeling? 

Alas, sadly, I identify as well.  
Need the job, have to work, kids to raise, bonds to pay off, cats to feed, you know how it is?!
One thing is certain though, on closer scrutiny, I AM WELL TO DO.  I have wealth in untold measures.  So do you. What, you ask. is that?  
That my blogging community and friends, is a generosity of spirit.  

….and nobody says it better like the lovely little lady over on Lovelaney.
Meet Laney who “set out on a mission to fill my life with happiness, gratitude, and purpose. The last three years have been a real growing period for me, and have only motivated me more to continue changing my life – and help you change yours.”

Read on why Laney and I agree that praise goes a long way.

Laney advises “So this week, offer praise. Offer thanks. Offer gratitude. Tell your people you appreciate them and all they do for you, even if it’s something as small as unloading the dishwasher. You might just make their day.”

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28 thoughts on “Praise goes a long way…

  1. Praise does go a long way. As a former school administrator, I praised my teachers everyday for their hard work in the classroom with our kids. I find that praise at the right time is a great motivator. It can be a tonic to soul and brighten a persons day.

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  2. Wonderful words today. It’s funny, no one has ever been impoverished by praising someone else and yet praise is so hard to come by.

    I have heard it suggested that people try harder if you don’t praise them too much but I truly believe that without praise in the first place we don’t learnt to try because we think it’s a thing we can do. Too many try because they must, never believing that success is possible and the power of those attempts are so much more feeble than the efforts of someone who has been rewarded and knows that they can do more, better, faster, stronger, whatever. So many children are bullied into achievement by parents who have no time for them and have no confidence in their ability. What a sad way to hobble one’s own children!

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    • I agree Peter.
      A few kind words makes a wealth of difference.
      A second or two extra of our time.
      Reminds me of Maya Angelou’s words “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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