Behold the family!

Behold the family!

Tis a safe cove amidst stormy seas…
Steady throb of pulsing warm hearts.
Entwined by strong, steadying deep roots.
Trunked by a passage of gnarly knots,
Aye, heirloom stories and history floweth there.
Sap the bloods tears to run thick and true,
Outstretched branches of welcome,
Veined maternal evergreen leaves to nourish.
Kitchen table gatherings, remembering rainbows to flourish.
Grandies, grand treasures of old and gold.
Mother, salvation, destinies in her folds of her cloak.
Children, moody, rebellious ever joyous.
Friends, the family who lay claim.
Gather in the typical black sheep…
A monarchy in miniature.
A sheltering umbrella of wealth manifested.
Family, the compass.
Love’s true north for the faltering few.
Neither the wind nor the bough to break.


Kavita Ramlal, July 2018


30 thoughts on “Behold the family!

    • Hi Bhavna,
      Totally agree with you.
      All well here. We have an exceptionally Sunshiny South African day today. Makes me want to skip the office and head our to the beach 🙂
      All well with you in my other country?


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