Angels Heavenly Sent…

Down yonder by the little tree, tottered  a raven haired angel,
Soft and plump, belly button peering under a snowy vest.

Reaching for the strawberry tree, pregnant with succulent berries,
Slanted eyes narrowed in fine half moons,
Cherubic cheeks dimpled in triumph and merriment.
Tottering to his feet, lurching forward, his short arms clung on for dear life,
Tiny plump fingers closed on his award…
Gleefully gurgling, he sucked greedily at the overripe strawberry.
Heavenly nectar oozed between chubby fingers.
As he fell, murmurs of appreciation gave way to loud wails…

Rushing forward, Mama gathered him up, nestled him against her bosom.
Humming softly, Mama rocked him, gently kissing away the tears,
Whispering words of comfort, love and endearment.
His woeful face struck the very chords of her heart.
Long eyelashes caressingly kissed soft cheeks.
He curled towards Mama, yet away from her.
Into the deep gentle restful arms of Morpheus and his Maker.

An extra chromosome they said.
Mental impairment, stunted growth, they forecast.
Enraptured, Mama gazed adoringly at him,
awash with affection and reveled in his freedom,
His newfound ability to search, discover and conquer.

Yet Mama felt sad and worried so,
How would her angel be received?
Downs they said.
Escalated joy instead.
In His wisdom, He knew.
To our bruised world, Gifted Angels Heavenly sent.

Inspired by Tyreese and Michael.
Kavita Ramlal, July 2018

Be Kind, Be Loving, Be Blessed.

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16 thoughts on “Angels Heavenly Sent…

  1. Thank you for reading it through. God gifts us special people in many ways, this being one of it. We need to open up our hearts and minds and relate especially to the parents. Their worry is real about their longevity and the care of their children. I send a hug to you. 😘

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