History lost…

This poem  was inspired by Peter on Why are we afraid of old things.
My take on things I feel strongly about.

History lost…

Mow it down!
Demolish it, nary time to pause.
No respect for history or seeds long sown.
Ravaged and destroyed without just cause.

Ancient homesteads razed
By the modern glazed.
Centuries… history dishonoured.

Nought but memories for some,
As their time too, comes.
Old, farmed out to pasture,
Dementia and age to wage.
Fare thee well to stalwart hearts.
Again, history lost.

Nature vanquished for a concrete jungle,
Majestic jacarandas butchered to rooted chunks.
Once fragrant blooms, dead and crushed.
None for shade, posterity nor beauty.

Relics no more?
Much ado about nothing?
Much ado about Something!
Rant, rage against the lack of duty.
To preserve, fight the good fight
With all our might.
If not us, then who?
If not now, then when?

Kavitha Ramlal,  July 2018


Images courtesy of the web




22 thoughts on “History lost…

    • Praise indeed Vish, thank you.
      Peter reminded me that chill pills need to be tossed out, that we must be vociferous in our good fights… and here I am with my rant…. again.
      I confess I am not liked for my passion.

      Liked by 1 person

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