Little Soul Lost…

A poem for all the angels who are silenced and abused,
We MUST all voice our anguish and fight on their behalf.

A child yesterday, a woman today

A child no more…

A yawning chasm of time,

Endless pain, limited endurance…

Parents off and away, child cast adrift

Too old for adoption, too young for toil

Farmed to fickle family, only her grant to take,

Toil and strife and a mossy crust to taste.

Shifty eyes, groping tentacles, her chastity to take.

Soulful eyes shuttered and dull,

Spiritless shoulders hunched.

Defeated, aquiver with fear,

Yet another calloused tentacle to bear.

Desolate with despair and none to care…

No halo-ed guardian angel to hover.

A life not yet begun, now stunted and almost over.


Image courtesy of indiatvnews



39 thoughts on “Little Soul Lost…

  1. Molesters are distinctly NOT strangers. 
    As a matter of actuality, 90% of the time, they have a link with their victims and the family. This is absolutely not a very cheering information to associate. Therefore, avert this in intention at all times. 

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    • First week of June was Child Protection Week here in South Africa…
      “More recently, Parliament heard that 99% of children in South Africa have experienced or witnessed violence and 41% of all reported rape cases in the last three years have been of children.”
      How sad is this Val?!
      Now the teenagers are committing Suicide.
      The core foundations today are shaky, religion and morals are absent.

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  2. It would be nice to take one of these abused children and give them a real life, but it is not rationally possible. What we can do, despite the scars on the soul, is mend the wounds by presenting the truth. The angel can be released back into freedom if the soul chooses to be responsive to moving forward and out of past difficulties. I know. I’ve been there.

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  3. Such an important message you are portraying here. A painful truth it is indeed, but we all need to find the strength to speak up and protect children. Well done to you for helping to raise awareness. Wonderfully written too.

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  5. Child Abuse sees no boundaries. No matter what country, they all suffer from these polluted people who prey on innocent childern.
    I myself was a victim when I was 08 years, as an adult I raised my voice nd came to know, so many other girls nd wven boys have suffered from it and still are..

    I see no solution to it..

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