15 Basic Steps & Tips to start your first blog writing…


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I thought it quite serendipitous that I stumbled across this 15 Basic Steps to Start your first blog writing from a very young, smart techno-savvy Rajdeep Das on  WordPress.

♦ Some Brilliant Tips to start your Blog now:

15 Basic Tips to start your blog with confidence:

  • Choose Topic: Choose a topic on which you will go to write. In the term of blog-writing, the topic is known as Blog Content. Now it depends on how you will choose your blog content. According to my suggestion, choose those topics which you love to learn, you want to know more, and want to tell other people about your thoughts on that topic. Because what you will love to learn, you will like to write, what you want to know more, you can analyse them with your thoughts, can tell people to let them know more on it, that means sharing your learnings with your own analytical thoughts. So, first of all select those topics and items, make a list and study on them. When you will go for writing, you will need for such information which are related to your subjects and other materials. Remember Content is the king, so you have to make your content more powerful. Focus on your content, as a starter, it will be better to focus on one topic at a time.
  • Choose Platform: If you are going to create a site on your own domain or want to launch a self-hosted site, then it matters on several issues like how to present your site to visitors, its layout, its site pages, its designations, development, its maintenance, updating site’s pages views, its other features, its promotions with Ads, traffic analysing and maintaining your visitors etc. But as a starter, most of the junior bloggers like to start their blog journey either on Blogger.comor on WordPress.com or beside of that they also use Medium or on Quora . Choosing a platform is very important before start a blog. At the very beginning you have to concern about your site’s presentations and about its site traffic analysing system  to count both your viewers and your followers at a time. In that case, WordPress.com  or Blogger.comis ideal as they will give you every features with well maintenance and you can easily focus on your blog writing and content developing without any headache of site maintenance. It will give you a full freedom only to focus on your content and you don’t have to think a lot about your site’s page management or any other elses. Lets discuss about each of the above mentioned platforms:
    • Blogger.com : Blogger or Google Blogspot is a very familiar blogging platform, offered by Google, that enables several features included with site themes, traffic analyzer, a friendly writing pad where you will get every types of options to make your blog perfect to view. Blogger is like an ideal platform for a starter because its features are very to easy to handle. Even you can write here in any language in which you are comfortable to write a blog. It is totally a free handling site to use. It offers to give a domain name to your site address where the suffix ”blogspot.in” will be added after your given name. Example: yourblogname.blogspot.in. If you desire to promote your site, the “blogspot.in” suffix will be removed. But before you have to first improve your blogging skills. 

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This blog was  originally published at Rajdeep’s official site at Thetechlearner.


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