The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to the britchy one for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award. Her site is one of my favourite pit stops, her wit and humour just finds me in all the right spots.  She says it like it is. Personally, I can be a bit irreverent, I make no apologies for that.  For each an age, for each a stage and the stages in my life have propelled me to turn the pages of my book with satisfaction, some of the chapters are definitely lessons, most though an anticipatory serendipitous journey. Life is too short to not say it as it is because those who matter, don’t mind and those who mind, don’t matter!

I do not ordinarily speak about myself, preferring to rather “draw” people out.  Had a brilliant idea of asking for my best friend, Sheila’s input.  This is what she had to say about me :

“She bullied me into being her friend and we clicked immediately, the rest is history… The summary below doesn’t even scratch the surface to describe Kav.

We go back at least 12 years and we never had a single fall out ever.  She doesn’t even know how to say something offensive to hurt someone. Sometimes I think she is naïve cos all she sees is the best in everyone she comes in contact with and sadly many have taken advantage and done and said very hurtful things to her many times. She is super sensitive and hurts very easily. She always puts others needs and feelings before herself. It’s just her thoughtful and selfless nature.

Her command of the English Language is flawless. She is an amazing wife to her husband Darryl Ramlal, and the best mum and friend to her to delightful children  Jade and Owen. Kavita is an author, a great asset to the Company she works for and so much more. I learned a lot from my friend and I am so grateful to God for allowing me to make my acquaintance of such a fine woman.

Yes, she is assertive, confident, brilliant, beautiful inside and out and the best confidante a person could have. If you are close to Kav, you are rich because people like her are very rare these days. She is a Gem in every sense of the word…

If you want to unload your burdens, and rest assured it would never be repeated to another soul then Kavita is the person to talk to. I can be myself around Kav and say anything I want to without having to choose my words carefully. I value our friendship and wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Revealing myself is generally a tough job, I speak a lot through my actions and see myself as a “What you see is what you get” person. No agendas, No spite.  Honestly did not think that I would be able to find the ”interesting” things about myself. There must be magic with words, because suddenly they all flowed and in all fairness, having considered all the new interesting titbits I gleaned about my fellow bloggers, I have decided to do justice to this award and add seven interesting facts about myself.

  1. I am a published poet, once voted as the best poet in Natal.
  2. For all my wordiness (English, Afrikaans and Hindi), it is when I talk very simply, that I mean most what I say. That or a dangerous level is about to be crossed.
  3. Speaking of danger, I am the ultimate Scorpion. I love deeply and hard. I try to never say goodbye to people, they are the gems that I guard and keep closely. I don’t do betrayal. Cross that line and I will move on. Full stop.
  4. My garden, albeit a bit neglected at the moment, is my haven and my plants my friends. I talk to them, whisper to them and they love me right back, with constant beautiful blooms and intoxicating scents. They are kind to my cats and a feast for my eyes.  I share their baby plants with good friends, some who have nourished them for years and shared their babies with loved ones.  I consider myself blessed on the days that I spot magnificent butterflies and know that my angels (my beloved Aunt and Dad) are with me. If I could, I would plant fruit trees all along vacant spots and encourage people to adopt spots to encourage nature to continue for our insects and feathered friends.
  5. I am an Indian South African and wear both those crowns with immense pride. Born in Durban, South Africa, been part of the Apartheid era, lived the prejudice. Embraced the Mandela Magic, braced myself for the Zuma effect and now looking forward to a progressively successful regime.
  6. Explored India with the best of intentions, lost a friend, found myself and my propensity for languages, made friends, dined by myself (a huge thing for an Indian woman) and travelled the paths less travelled alone. Loved the backwaters of Kerala in the South and admired and respected Mumbai for the pulsing intensity that she is.
  7. I love interacting with people and what better way than to make my keyboard and pen my trusty friends. The blogosphere has been kind to me, the bloggers passionate and worthy “friends”. A huge blessing to receive love and support on so many levels.

I nominate the following bloggers :

To my nominees, please copy and paste this logo on your post. Thereafter  add seven (or more!) interesting bits of information of yourselves and nominate seven blogs of your choice. Hopefully, we can spread the gratitude and help recognize  fellow bloggers.

So grab your cup of coffee or better still wine, prepare for a brief sojourn to my nominees places of interest and prepare to be bowled over by the passion and commitment of these bloggers.

Kind regards from a very wet, ordinarily Sunshiny South Africa, definitely an indoorsy day of warmth, contemplation and petrichor.




40 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations! 💜 You are definitely an amazing writer. And so glad to know that you got your work published! That is so awesome! Also, I really loved how you wrote about your experience in India as well as South Africa. You are really a good hearted person. Can totally tell that. Have a nice day! ❤

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  3. Wow! So glad I came to your posts, Kavita! You have an amazing background and the world is only richer for your sharing it. LIving a relatively insular life in the USA, it’s wonderful to read about your expansive one. I look forward to reading more, my fellow blogger! Blessings.

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    • I think you have done so well. Overcome so much. Please know that if you are ever in South Africa, my heart and door is open to you. Be kind to yourself, you are special indeed. You are also very blessed.♡♡♡

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