Operation Bobbi Bear

Giving back?  We thought we were. We came back with much more.

No, not freebies. Not exactly peace of mind either.  More of an awakening on the impact of sexual abuse on children.

Car full to brimming with goodies and presents, we set out for the coastal town of Amanzimtoti, a mere forty five minutes away from home.  The destination, Bobbi Bear.  Operation Bobbi Bear, as it is known, founded in 2010 is a human rights organisation run by passionate, devoted individuals whose mission is committed to helping sexually abused children.

To communicate the nature of the abuse, a “Bobbi Bear”, a little bear, a soft non-threatening toy is used.

On our arrival at the Rescue Centre, we were met by a warm and friendly smile from Zanele.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I actually got to meet Jacky Branfield who spearheads Operation Bobbi Bear. Dynamite does come in small packages, full to brimming with enthusiasm, I can also understand why she was called a “maverick crusader”.  A four year old girl was raped by her stepfather.  Her mother did not believe her but at school, the little girl was not turned away.  Too traumatised to make a statement to the police, the police officer wrote the statement which was unsuitable for court.  In trying to bridge the communication barrier, Jackie searched for a toy that would assist the children in explaining their abuse.  Bobbi Bear was born.  Complete with permanent markers and plasters, this bear is used as medium to express violations and is completely permissible in a court of law.  The little girl and Mother got justice served and the stepfather was jailed.

Jacky graciously received our donations. From my  dresses for the babies, she extracted one to be used on a Bobbi Bear for her sessions. When Jacky saw my daughter’s bag, she immediately found a home for it. *Lungi, a beautiful teenager needed it for her medication. Such a simple gesture but the impact was profound and the appreciation was visible in Lungi’s eyes and smile. The Bobbi Bear motto, “every little body is a somebody” is apt.  Here, children are rescued and provided with safe homes by a dedicated team of social workers who work against the odds and injustices to prosecute offenders.

I asked to see the children. I could not, NOT see them.  They were playing in the garden, every semblance of normality.  The little ones were seated inside and introduced themselves to me solemnly and then with some amusement. I saw happy, resilient children until I looked into their eyes and felt a kinship.  I was crushed, their eyes were a window to a sad world.

Operation Bobbi Bear runs programmes :

  • The Rescue Centre – a drop-in and information centre for the child victims of sexual abuse and/or their primary carers.
  • HIV/Aids Toy Awareness and Prevention Programme – a presentation for pre- and primary school children, which teaches universal precautions.
  • Child Safety Officer Training and Mentorship Programme – the training of community-based mothers and grandmothers to become carers for children who have been abused and to advocate for their rights.
  • The “Tree” Clinic. Weekly, the team bands together to meet with the community underneath the tree to host a Support Group and where children can be, what they were supposed to be, children. No hurting hands. Just healing hands and positive energy . Fraught with lives in very difficult situations, without parental support, proper nutrition, access to basic medical facilities, children are fed with 50-70 loaves of sandwiches and 30-50L of refreshments. Topics normally brushed under the carpet, like HIV awareness, domestic violence, sexual abuse are a few of the many that are covered.  Welcome donations of toys, clothes, shoes, stationery, toiletries, blankets and food are shared.


Through their Honor Programme, Bobbi Bear monitors the child to:

  • Assess their safety
  • Ensure they are cared for
  • Make sure they are going to a school
  • Ensure they are not receiving further trauma
  • Help them receive ongoing counselling and treatment.
  • Ensure they are prepped, available and accompanied to their court dates (very few rapists are charged due to lack of forensic evidence presented in court (e.g. dockets go missing, reports are poorly written, police go on leave, caregivers are not informed of legal process).
  • Ensure that their physical and medical conditions are adhered to

I was told that Bobbi Bear conducts random checks to ensure that the child can still be found wherever Social Services have placed them.  The Honour programme once managed to track down a child who was placed in a Government Place of Safety by Social Services (Welfare) and then moved four times to various places, where no-one eventually knew where the child was or who was taking care of her.  Violated and then having that child being lost in the system? This sent shudders of fear through me. Now the children are placed within a 300km radius.

Thinking about giving back too?  Consider volunteering.  Locally and internationally, Bobbi Bear welcomes the assistance.  Frequently asked questions for people intending to volunteer can be found on http://bobbibear.org.za/volunteer/

Read what Tanya Kramer , a psychologist in the Netherlands has to say about her days at Bobbi Bear.

Businesses, reconsider your corporate social responsibility by getting employees on board like we did. We collaborated to provide toys to ensure that smiles were brought back to these children’s faces at Christmas time.

Charity begins at home.  Happily, this has become my charity of choice.


51 thoughts on “Operation Bobbi Bear

  1. Wonderful to know this exists. such a good idea. These children, grown, are often my clients as adults. The more help and support they get now, the better. Thank you and to all who make a difference. Seeing them and validating their experience and seeing that they are still children with all the basic needs and wants of children in addition to their abuse is important. Thanks again!

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    • Steph,
      I wish I could have done so much more.
      The volunteers are simply amazing. they give so much but take back so much more.
      Am praying that bigger businesses get on board, so there will be more exposure and more assistance.

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  2. Of all the crimes, I consider child sexual abuse as the worst. It can permanently make a mental scar on the child’s mind, let alone the physical ones. Pedophiles should die. I can’t think of any other punishment for them. Kudos to such organizations as Bobbi Bear who looks after those children. It feels great when we donate something and see the smiles on the little faces. Glad to know you did help them, great job… 🙂

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  3. Oh the extraordinary healing power of trees! Nature! And now.. Bobbi Bears! Thanks, Kavita, for this moving post; I’m so glad to have stumbled across your blog. And all thanks to you visiting mine and following… You are light. Namaste.

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    • So true, I have seen the pictures of their picnics and chats under the trees, such happiness and carefree games, the children play. The underlying pain and suffering is something else. Thank you for the warm words, I look forward to your posts as well, blessings always! Namaste.

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  4. How desperately sad that we live in a sick world where innocent children are not safe from the vilest of crimes – God Bless Jacky and her angels for creating a refuge and for you in opening our eyes and ears to “Bobbi Bear” xx

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  5. This looks like a wonderful organization with concrete results. You are right when you say that charity begins at home. I live in France, very close to Switzerland, it is deplorable to witness the lack of concrete events yielding real results. You would think that in Europe they would be more open to mental traumas and illness but they aren’t. Shame on my country of birth and citizenship, shame on Switzerland which does nothing of magnitude and it is not due to lack of resources.

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    • The team at Bobbi Bear have little resources and are dependent on donations but they try so hard. Thats so sad to hear Lawrence. Really. SA politics up to sh1t. I feel like you do. So i just do what i can do and rally people to help me. Our rainbow nation, we have stars amongst us. We have to keep the South African flag flying high when our own president was feathering his own nest.

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  6. What you do is wonderful, the mere fact that you are involved and active makes already a difference. I am trying to find ways to set up a legal entity in Geneva to tackle and knock on doors of International Organizations to change the way we are perceived and treated, I wrote a few articles about it. Mental illness is not being dealt with at all on legislation and everyday life as well. Peace and serenity.

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  7. This is beautiful.. It breaks my heart to think anyone would harm another, especially an innocent child.. In many country’s woman and children have no recourse.. I pray their hearts will be healed.. Luke 4:18 KJV The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,


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