Things to do, Places to See: Cape Town

South Africa’s, Cape Town, captured my Durban heart.  

So much so, that I shared it in my “Out of Africa” segment. 

When I was asked to do a guest post about Cape Town, I happily obliged on

Read on and tell us what you think. Share the love.  Better still, head on out here and see why we love South Africa as we do!

YouTube Link courtesy of the Digital Nomad.








29 thoughts on “Things to do, Places to See: Cape Town

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    • Don’t worry about that!
      This is a country full of warmth in so many ways.
      Once you know where you want to go, get all your information on hand.
      Reach out to the guides, they are so good at what they do.
      Meeting people…and making friends will be so easy. I promise!


  2. Sounds so blissful! I would love to stroll through the gardens and definitely hit the beaches! I am one heck of a beach bum. I would also love climbing the mountain to see the view of Cape Town from above. What a wonderful place, offering so much beauty 🌸

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