Ah, but our land is beautiful…

Wearily, I strolled down a narrow footpath into the woods

And what a marvelous sight I beheld!

Never had I ever imagined that nature could be so beautiful!

Sunlight filtered through

While evergreen trees arched their crowns,

To welcome the full force of the suns rays.

Nodding branches approved

as they swayed ever so lightly to the dancing breeze.

From somewhere deep within,

The passionate call of a whistler searching for its mate could be heard.

Squirrels scampered to and fro amidst the floral buds of May.

A still pond mirrored an azure sky.

Swans, in all their graceful beauty

Basked under the glorious rays of the sun.

Eddies formed as tiny fish surfaced in search of food.

Mayhap to catch even the suns beams.

Rufous rushes sprouted wildly on the banks.

Greedy, happily chirping birds scrounged for worms.

All around tranquility, serenity and harmony reigned,

All were one and Mother Nature was for all.

…a  truly ethereal and beauteous sight.

Enrichened, a deep spiritual fulfillment engulfed me.

I walked home with a jauntiness that surprised even me.

Twas a  rare and golden moment.

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