AMC Cookware and Lifestyle Accessories

In keeping with a rare New Year’s resolution, I have decided to increase my social circle. I have joined the AMC family.  

In doing so, I have enhance my lifestyle with the AMC cookware, bakeware and wide range of accessories.

 It is said that AMC lasts a lifetime. True. I can say with certainty that it has lasted our family two lifetime.  So yes, it is an investment in many ways.  Especially for our health.  Cooking can be healthier with a minimum amount of oil (for me) or NO oil for some. 

I can promote AMC simply because I have AMC pots. I have used the AMC cooking methods.  Further, it is a statement of undeniable class and holds supreme place in the kitchen.

 Prices may seem exorbitant or daunting.   However, a single pot can be purchased and customers may add on to tailor make their sets.

AMC pots are not only designed for the “Indian ladies”!  Take a look  at the extensive range of accessories, especially the domed servers.

It is reasonable, affordable and lasts forever.  It is an ideal heirloom.

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