The Stables Flea Market

The Stables Flea Market is THE place to be at!

Located in Jaco Jackson Drive, a stone throw away from the Mr Price Rugby Stadium, The  Lifestyle Market, in KwaZulu-Natal,  is in a central location for all to enjoy.

The local gem is truly unique and retains the look and feel of the old stables, as the name suggests, with lanes being named after famous race horses. The market consists of about 100 stables, each one having been transformed into an attractive shop or business.

This is where I decided to spend the day… and what a pleasurable day it was! The timing was perfect… it was the middle of the July school holidays.  It was also the perfect time to introduce my crochet craft to the locals. The support from the adjoining stalls was incredible for a newbie like myself and before long, we had settled in with the newspaper and my crochet.

The hours seemed like minutes as I met and greeted visitors from far and wide.  My business cards were handed out, information exchanged and I gave impromptu crochet lessons.  My blue baby’s layette was warmly received by a lady for her much anticipated nephew.  A two old detailed her requirements for a poncho. I looked up from my notes and her mom agreed. Seems like the fleecy Disney poncho was out of favour as it lacked the details of tassels and pompoms.  All this from a two year old.  Rosettes for casual and formal gear went almost immediately.  There were orders for scarves and crochet beach bikinis!

It was heartening to see that this art has been welcomed again.

“Visitors to the market can enjoy meandering around the numerous stalls which include a fantastic selection of arts & crafts, home décor, antiques, fashion, make-up, paintings, embroidery, cellphone accessories, books, toys and much, much more…. The market also offers a diverse range of food outlets to tickle your taste buds, as well as live music / entertainment and bar facilities. Together this creates a peaceful ambiance which makes it a relaxing and enjoyable experience for the whole family in a safe and secure environment. The Stables is definitely a family place, both for the young and old and not forgetting furry friends too!“

Look them up on and meet me there!



Something for the girls



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